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      1. Although I’m an Oxford born – Oxford educated, Post Grad English girl with an extroverted, exhibitionistic nature and a scary libidinous drive – I’m a girl who has been in Cardiff long enough to know Wales has some of the most breathtaking scenery in the UK – not to mention the biggest bonus of all – some days of the year when it actually never rains at all. Currently I’m in the CF10 area, right near the city.

        However, I am soon moving to Bristol to be nearer where I have a ‘three-quarter time’ academic career. The fuel for my Lear jet during commuting is killing my bank account.

        It’s true, like a cheshire cat I am always happy and smiling. Under the current political climate of Party bashing, I know that’s unforgivable. My satirical and very tongue in cheek new flash website tells it all – tongue in cheek style, but serious when you get down to my boots and read the sub-text. And, like some upmarket girls seem uppity – but it’s all show, I really don’t like or use epithets, but delight in finesse and dress style in all things,. In fact you could say I may even be a slight anomaly in the escort arena, due to an irrepressible sense of dry humour and a liking for mature male company. My new apartment being built in Bristol is in the Clifton area and my website is listed above.

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